About Us

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Just like on my regular business page, I hate the about me sections – there just isn’t really an interesting way to talk about myself!  If you really, really want to know a little about me, you can check out Jamie Heyl Photography but for now, here’s the lowdown:

I started with wedding photography about a year into my photography career – that was 10 years ago and things haven’t slowed down yet!  I’ve had the privilege of photographing the weddings of well over 100 couples and each time, I still feel excited to watch them start their lives together.

The other member of our team is Amanda – my younger sister.  She’s been shooting weddings with me for about 7  years now and I couldn’t ask for a better partner.  Even when we see things a little differently, we still see things the same.  She’s my best friend and when we work together, it makes things just a little bit more fun!  If you glance over during certain songs at receptions, you may even see us dancing a bit 🙂